Our Captain Marvel

This video features Dr. Terry Dew explaining how well Captain Marvel’s third surgery went and reunites him with foster mom, Terri Lindsey.

Captain Marvel is a trooper and was further along in his healing than Dr. Dew expected so he was able to remove Marvel’s fixator.

It’s a tricky time in his recovery process because Marvel’s remaining front leg is healing well, but it’s very fragile at this stage. We have to encourage him to use it, but watch him closely to protect him from breaking it, an injury that could require a second amputation.

Most of the money to cover Captain Marvel’s vet bills has been paid, but we have about $1200 more to raise. If you’d like to help, you can donate to his Go Fund Me campaign here or buy a Captain Marvel T-Shirt here.

Profits from sales of my portrait of Captain Marvel will go to his vet bills and anything over that amount will go to Out of the Ashes Pit Bull Rescue to help rescue more dogs.