My mom would rescue Pit Bulls if no one ever helped or noticed. She’s currently adopted four Pit Bull mixes, Beau (who looks like a Saint Bernard), Charlie (who seems so chill, but eats shoes when no one is looking), J.J. (who is obsessed with protecting people from reflected light on the ceiling), and Penny (who is learning not to jump up on people), and she’s fostering the wonderful and beautiful Captain Marvel.

Mom’s heart is bigger than her house, her yard, and her bank account, and so I wanted to build a website that helps her and the wonderful people she works with in Out of the Ashes Pit Bull Rescue to give voice to the dogs they help.

I’ve been developing websites since 1994 when we wrote it as Web sites. There were times I loved doing it and times I’ve hated doing it based on how much I liked the tools.

This website is powered by the most wonderful, powerful web development tool I’ve ever had the privilege to use. The framework is called Divi and it’s in the Extra Theme all developed by Elegant Themes (affiliate link).

The site is built to grow as members of Out of the Ashes Pit Bull rescue and other Pit Bull advocates contribute content as bloggers and as members of the group tell the stories of dogs they’re helping.

The virtual store at the time of launch features my artwork about Captain Marvel, and other Pit Bulls. Depending on the item and the way it is being sold, all or most of the proceeds will go to helping Out of the Ashes help Pit Bulls. We would like to work with other artists who make pit bull related art to add to the store.

Later this week I’m adding a short documentary about Captain Marvel, but for now welcome to the site while you’re here be sure to follow Captain Marvel on Facebook!